Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing v5.0.1 Beta (US) Latest Apk For Android Download

Zapya-File Transfer, Sharing Apk
Zapya-File Transfer apk

Hi guy's today we come up with the latest Apk of Zapya-File Transfer, Sharing v5.0.1 Beta(US) Apk for Android which will give you best performance of your Android devices and smartphones. The needed Apk file is 100% sure that available here and download free.It is download from at the end of this article for it's official download link.In this article we were fully define the Zapya-File Transfer, Sharing v5.0.1 Beta(US) Apk. Because many users didn't know how to use this Apk file after Installations in Androids or Smartphones.So, About this Apk file here which are given below.
About Zapya-File Transfer Sharing Apk:
The Zapya Kuai Ya in Chinese is a peer to peer file sharing Apps for Android phones or smartphones.The Apps enables users in countries with low internet penetration and poor internet architecture to transfer and share files without using the internet,by creating a WiFi hotpot to which other devices can connect. The Zapya is one of the fastest Apps to transfer files or sharing files from one device to other only a few seconds. Its a name of ease and productiveness. Before Zapya apps an Android the files are transferred by one device to other with the help of Cable connecting or Bluetooth.But all these functions are very slowly to transfer file from one place to others. So, now a day the Zapya-File Transfer, Sharing App is one of the best and brilliant Apps for Android devices which is very useful to data transfer from one device to other.When it comes to transfer files between two Android devices in these days, mostly users prefer to send and receive the files over WiFi which is much faster and more reliable than all other ways and Zapya File Sharing, Transfer is one of the best tools to accomplish this task in a straightforward way.You have to manually download the needed Apk file here Website. This Website is the free home of all needed Apk files which will give you a best performance of your Android phones, or smartphones. It is download from here only a few seconds.
Zapya - File Transfer, Sharing Apk free
Its version is 5.0.1
Its file size is< DOWNLOAD Apk>7.69 MB

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